Year 1 – adding Capital Letters

Powerpoint – Capital Letters
Sheet 1 – Capitals names, places, days sheet

Objective: Adding capital letters to the start of a sentence, the name of a person, place, days of the week and the pronoun I.

When do we use a capital letter?

Capital letters are used at the start of a sentence, after a full stop.

Today it is cloudy. It is going to rain tomorrow.

We also use capital letters at different times
Days of the week…


Capital letters are also used for place names.

United Kingdom
Richmond Street
Shore Lane Primary School.

Another time we use capital letters is for the name of a person…

My teacher’s name is Mrs Jones.
Little Mix are my favourite group.

The letter I also needs a capital letter when used as a pronoun (used instead of your name).

Sarah and I went to the seaside.
My teacher said I had been very helpful.

Your turn…

Which of these have capital letters in the correct place?
Check the following sentences and change if they are not correct.

My mum visited West park on Tuesday.

Mr dawson took us on a trip to Main Bridge.

Every sunday i help my dad to wash the car.

My favourite place to go to is Blackpool Beach.

Every wednesday my dad cooks fish and chips for tea.

My headteacher is called mrs matthews.